This selection of videos represent works produced over twenty years. The videos fall roughly into four thematic areas.

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Death Down Under

2012-13 (video, 64 min.)

A documentary (directed by Kathy High with Cynthia White) about death and decay, and eco-friendly or ‘natural earth’ burials.

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Lily Does Derrida: A Dog’s Video Essay

2010-12 (video, 29:30 min.)

A video essay made in collaboration with Lily Dog about companion animal relations, and interspecies communication.

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animal attraction  

Animal Attraction

2000. (video, 59 min.)

A documentary on telepathic animal communication.

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everyday problems of the living  

Everyday Problems of the Living

2000-05 (12-part series, video, 26 min.)

A superstitious fear lead the artist to “practice” dying for a year.

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embracing animal  

Embracing Animal

2004-05 (video documentation of installation, 3 min.)

Exhibited Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston, MA, March ’04, and MASS MoCA North Adams, MA, “Becoming Animal” exhibition, 2005-06.

Working with transgenic rats as “sisters,” the artist explores interspecies relations in this first installation for EMBRACING ANIMAL.

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animal films  

Animal Films

2002-04 (videos, ongoing)

This is an ongoing project of short films produced with various animals and Kathy High, visualizing and articulating their fears and fantasies.

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Cow Film

1979 (video, originally shot on 16mm film, 9 min.)

Produced as part of Masters work at SUNY/Buffalo Center for Media Studies.

An animated film about cows and women.

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Underexposed: Temple of the Fetus  

Underexposed: Temple of the Fetus

1993-4. (video, 60 min.)

An experimental documentary about new reproductive technologies.

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High tech baby making  

High Tech Baby Making: North and South

1994 (video, 28 min.)

Co-production with Harriet Hirshorn and Deep Dish TV collective. Part of series “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired “ on women and health. Broadcast on cable tv nationally and internationally.

A collection of documentary shorts by feminists about the use of reproductive technologies around the world.

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I Need Your Full Cooperation

1989. (video, 28 min.)

An experimental documentary about the history of women’s treatment by the US medical system.

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Just Say Yes: Kathy High Looks at Marketing Legal Drugs

1990.  (video, 30 min.)

Co-produced with Paper Tiger TV, NYC, NY.

This tape is a critique of pharmaceutical company practices and the coercion of doctors to use their goods. Who suffers in this process?

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Shifting positions  

Shifting Positions

1999. (3-part series, video, 28 min.)

An autographic trilogy about queerness, and becoming old.

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Icky and Kathy Trilogy  

The Icky & Kathy Trilogy

1999. (3-part series, super 8 film to video, 9 min.)

Camera: Diane Bonder

A naughty trilogy about youthful sexual exploration.

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Homecoming queens  

Homecoming Queens

1995 (video, 30 min.)

Co-producer w/ Paper Tiger TV, NYC, NY.

This project is a documentary in collaboration with the teens of Green Chimneys/ Gramercy Residence, a foster home for gay youth.

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Guerita & Preitita  

Güerita & Prietita

1995 (video, 20 min.)

Co-writer: Shani Mootoo

A poetic video journal about love and a foreign land.

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Soap Opera  

Soap Opera

1995 (video, 6 min.)

Co-produced/co-directed with Liss Platt: segment, “Program #1: Watching TV Watching Us” of “Signal to Noise: Making Sense of TV”, PBS series.

A documentary short about fan’s obsessions for TV soap operas.

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Art Not Terrorism

2008 (video, 30 min.)

Video about the events surrounding the controversy of the VIRTUAL JIHADI exhibition at the Arts Dept. at RPI by Wafaa Bilal and also at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY. Production: Hudson Mohawk Indy Media, NY

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Zero Visibility  

Zero Visibility

2005 (video, 5 min.)

Commissioned and distributed by Reel New York, WNET/Channel Thirteen, NYC.
A science fiction post 9/11.

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Independent Media in a Time of War and Time of War

2002 and 2003 (videos, each 30 min.)

IndyMedia Productions, Hudson Mohawk Indy Media collective.

An annotated lecture by Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman critiquing U.S. Iraq war.

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Turning Tragedy into War  

Turning Tragedy into War

2001 (video, 30 min.)

Paper Tiger TV collective, NYC, NY.

A documentary made by PTTV collective analyzing the events of 9/11.

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